Polar PWND 2

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Polar PWND 2
The nonsensical war between U.B.A’s bears and Featherland’s penguins rages on. Help Boris the polar bear in thwarting the evil plan of Der Feather once again in PolarPWND’s sequel: PolarPWND 2, der feather’s revenge! Face off against new enemies such as commander penguins, the hard-to-topple elite penguins and Professor Von Byrdbrynn, Der Feather’s scientist. Use new tools such as rockets, balloons, rubber boxes, or the futuristic floating board to complete 26 penguin-crashing, joke filled levels. Crash yourself onto military trucks, funpark rides, giant propellers, and other dangerous-looking contraptions scattered throughout the game to help you in your penguin ass-kicking mission. Common sense does not apply in this game. So consider yourself warned.
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Date: 2014-04-21

138 Users Played



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